It seems the more I learn the less I know

I know that our dry winter weather and low relative humidity will contract wood flooring and product gaps, but until Dave Cole at Wackys Flooring sent me a video from NWFA discussions I never imagined to what extent this could occur. A slow motion time lapse video of 2 ¼’ maple flooring installed @ 10% […]

Flooring and older people

I am getting older and that [#*+#^+] Mark DeWolfe keeps reminding of this fact every time I talk to him. I thought I would do an article on flooring for us old guys. I certainly have done inspections where the  flooring for the elderly has been a poor choice. It would seem seniors flooring takes […]

Training Schedule for 2014

National Wood Flooring Association has an amazing training schedule for 2014, 43 weeks of educational opportunities in 20 states and Canada. See web site. Amazing to learn new things, reinforce what you are doing right, finding out what others are doing, what issues others face, meet people doing the same thing you are and […]


Six ways a floor installer can avoid service complaints

The flooring installer spends more time with the customer than anyone else in the flooring chain. Installers affect the customers opinion and view of our industry, our products, our people, and your reputation. Here are some easy ways for installers to prevent problems and service issues: Introduce yourself and your team to the customer, contractor, […]


Bamboo — a beautiful floor, a scary product

I have seen some great looking and long lasting bamboo floors but if not installed under optimal conditions or maintained properly bamboo can have lots of issues. Horizontal bamboo flooring – The pattern is made from wider strips laid on top of each other. This features more of the unique properties of the bamboo grass, […]

5 Ways Salespeople can prevent service problems

Salespeople can make more money, sell more, have better margins, sell better, make customers into long term clients if they have less service issues to deal with. Most flooring companies do a good job of dealing with service and complaints when they occur however very few flooring companies work hard at making sure problems do […]

Easy moisture testing for wood and laminate floors for DIYers (do it yourselfers)

Pin direction is parallei to grain

Newletter #2 February 2013 Altantic Provinces Flooring Newsletter This is my second newsletter. If you know people in our industry please get them to send me their E-mail addresses so I can share and get input from them. Let’s see what we can come up with this time. Easy moisture testing for wood & laminate […]

Atlantic Provinces Flooring Newsletter

Humidity and floors

Welcome to my first newsletter. I hope this newsletter will evolve into more flooring content and news that will improve your selling, installing and flooring knowledge. Feedback is encouraged.     Humidity Issues Wow! We had a very hot and humid summer and now lots of fall rain. There should be plenty of wood, engineered […]